We turn life stories and professional brand stories into beautiful books.


There is no better gift, no object on this earth more intimate or more valuable to give than the gift of YOU. The stories of your life are powerful, priceless and everlasting. Your words, in printed form, transport your readers into your time, into your experiences, into your very soul. Your stories are wanted and revered by your family and friends. Just a of couple hours of your time with us equals generations of love and insight into who you are and the life you’ve led. What you share can be cathartic, can cross lifetimes, can bridge gaps and leave a legacy for those around you and behind you to treasure forever.

The process is designed to make it easy for you. You don’t have to haul out boxes of pictures or put together the family tree. You don’t have to prepare notes or expect to follow any kind of script or rules. You only have to give a little of your time, your voice, and of course, your stories. Part of what makes your book so special is that it will be as unique as you are.

  • Give the service as a gift for anyone whose stories you adore
  • Buy for yourself and give the finished books as gifts
  • Create a compilation among siblings of childhood memories to give to mom or dad


Your knowledge, training, research expertise, field experience, and personal experiences are all part of your professional “brand story.” Telling your brand story is a highly effective way to:

  • Build trust with potential clients and boost professional credibility
  • Get TV, podcast, and radio interviews
  • Book speaking engagements
  • Establish credibility in your field

We know that writing a book is a major undertaking. It can take months or a year and if you’ve never written a book before, it can be quite an overwhelming experience. Many people have tried and realized it’s harder than they imagined and ended up abandoning the whole project. They may sign up for a book writing course and pay up to $1,500, $300-$500 for someone to design the cover, another $300-$500 for someone to edit the book, then $500 to $1,000 for someone to do the page layout. It adds up quickly.

Here at Pen and Key we make creating your brand story into a book as simple as possible so you can get your first book done professionally, efficiently, and in a timely manner. We’ll interview you, transcribe, edit, and layout your entire book, create a beautiful full color book cover, then provide you with the digital files ready for self-publishing — all at an affordable price. We help take the stress out of turning your brand story into a book that you can feel proud to put out into the world.



Whether you are putting together your life story or your brand story, our process is designed to make it as easy as possible for you. Just one hour of recorded interview equals around 50 pages. We’ll allow some additional time for revisions with you, but we’ll take care of the rest without you having to carve out hours and hours of your own valuable time.


There are many options out there for turning the idea of a personal book into a reality. Our asset to you is that we have developed and refined an efficient process to make the creation of your book nothing but a pleasure for you to see completed.


  • Beautifully designed covers that reflect your personality
  • Full color printing so you can include color photos on the interior text pages
  • Bound, formatted, edited and professionally printed
  • Made with gorgeous, high-quality materials you’ll be proud to share and distribute